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This is a space where children are empowered. to think. to do. to have their voices heard. Here they are respected as equals. they are given the freedom to explore and are encouraged to be inquisitive about the world around them. Here they learn about their own talents and are encouraged to develop their individuality. our jobs as practitioners is to keep reminding them of just how amazing they are. and they can be anything they want to be.?

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Safeguarding children

Every childcare setting has a duty to ensure that each child attending their setting is safe, healthy and developing to their full potential. In order to support this The Nursery has adopted the Lancashire County Safeguarding Children?s Policy. Should staff have concerns for the well -being of any child we will act upon the guidance set out in this policy.

Ofsted state that at The Nursery :
?Children?s safety is paramount and they are safeguarded outstandingly well?.