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Pre-School Room

3 Years


Our Preschool is a well thoughtout enviroment which supports your child in developing their skills and confidence which encourages? ?their next steps? into primary school.

With more structure added to the daily rountine children are introduced to? ? a class room approach where play is now more strategically placed for your childs independance.

In Pre- School we also prepare your child for primary school and introduce? letters and sounds.? ?Actiphons delivers a unique approach to inspiring children to learn their Phonics whilst at the same time encouraging them to try a variety of sports and fun physical activities.?

All our staff within the Preschool room are qualified to level 3 and above with peadiatric first aid training, staff has also completed speech and language training with the local authorities speeach and language team.

What we need from you:

  • A rucksack containing 2 spare changes of clothing.
  • Spare underwear
  • Sun cream (Summer)
  • Sunhat (Summer)
  • Wellingtons
  • A waterproof coat with a hood
  • Hat, Scarf and Gloves (Winter)